Is It Normal For a New Tattoo to Peel?

Is It Normal For a New Tattoo to Peel?

Whether you’re making a statement, doing the kind of crazy things love makes one do or just looking to connect deeply with some symbolic ritual, you certainly do have a valid reason to get inked. Getting inked is one thing, knowing the consequences of getting a tattoo is another. Many questions plague the minds of tattoo virgins and one of such questions for people getting their first tattoos (much like you). It is not new to hear questions like; ‘is it normal for a new tattoo to peel?’ and I’m going to answer this question in a blink.


For you to be tattooed, it requires the top layer of your skin to be pierced through with one or more tattoo needles per time, so that the ink pigments can be released into the second skin layer. This helps the ink stay and reflect on the top skin layer. Usually, this can be painful and can be perceived by your body as an injury.

There are three things you can’t escape; rain, tax and tattoos peeling. It doesn’t matter what kind of tattoo you’re getting or where your tattoo is placed, there is always the possibility of your tattoo crusting.

Seeing as drawing a tattoo yourself, is almost as impossible as giving yourself a haircut, (I know there are super-humans who can pull it off), it is very important to get yourself a professional tattoo artist. Beyond patronizing a professional, a hygienic work space is just as pertinent. You should try to know how neat the tattoo studio is and how skilled the tattoo artist is. To minimize the risks of infections and things going south, gloves and disposable needles should be used by the artist in a clean and pristine environment.


Naturally, tattoos are painful on varying levels and we have established that there are certain reactions to expect after getting a tattoo. One of such reactions to expect is for your new tattoo to get itchy and form scabs. Now do not panic; it is normal for a new tattoo to peel. This is even more likely when it does not get enough moisturizing. However, under no condition should you peel the scabs off the tattoo or even scratch it, as peeling the scabs off might permanently damage your new tattoo and leave you scarred. Other uprisings that you would notice in the aftermath of getting inked would include at least one of redness, puffiness, and tingling.


The human body recognizes tattoos as injuries because of the invasive nature of the tattooing procedures. So the body’s healing mechanism guarantees that tattoos will almost always itch and crust over and if proper after-care is not being administered, you just might have a bad tattoo on your hands; literally. Regardless of the size and intricacy of a tattoo, the tattooed part will and should always be bandaged with a plastic strip for a few hours at the least.

Again, it is perfectly normal for your new tattoo to peel within the first two to three weeks of getting inked. Do not fret, as it is your body just trying to ‘heal’ from a wound. To prevent this or manage it, it is advisable to cleanse the tattoo twice a day with anti-microbial soap and clean water. Also, try to keep it moisturized.  Products such as Vitium Tattoo Butter can be applied in small amounts over the tattooed surface a few times a day, to ensure your tattoo does not become irritable. These products also help to soothe the tattooed skin and preserve your tattoo’s shine.

Be it a breathtaking wings tattoo or a cute little unicorn, there should be adequate maintenance procedures to stem the irritation that comes when your tattoo starts to form scabs. Yes, it is normal to have itchiness and be tempted to scratch when your new tattoo starts crusting and peeling. However, if you do not peel or itch the tattoos, your tattoo will be fine and you’ll be all the finer for it.

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