How to chose the right place for your tattoo

How to chose the right place for your tattoo

The placement of a tattoo on your body is important. Most of the time it is personal and is hidden from the public eye. Sometimes though, it is used for embellishment or simply to make a statement. Whatever it is, its placement in your body should be well thought of. It is a permanent addition and can be difficult to correct if wrongly placed.



Before you do the actual tattooing be sure to search for different images of tattoos and tattoo drawings on the Internet. It is best to search by category especially if you already have an idea in mind. This way, your search is focused and you will not waste time going through designs that do not appeal to you.


After collecting some images that you like the most, decide which one you like best. Go to a professional tattoo studio and show the image to the artist. Explain what you have in mind, your preferences, and your style. Make sure the artist understands what your expectations are. Some artists will even recommend the best placement of your tattoo.

Consult with a tattoo artist and agree on the design and style that you like. Then, he or she will draw it on paper so you can see if the overall representation of the idea is up to your preferences. Sometimes, tattoo artists are more focused on certain styles. Or your preference doesn’t suit his tattooing style. When this happens, professional artists will usually refer you to a local artist that is a better match to your style or preferences.

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