Helpful Tips for Managing Tattoo Itchiness during Healing


Itchiness commonly accompanies the healing process of a new tattoo. This sensation can arise due to various factors, including the natural course of skin healing and, in some instances, an allergic reaction to the pigment used. Understanding how to manage itchiness effectively is crucial for ensuring the optimal healing of your tattoo. During the initial […]

“Breaking Stereotypes: Embracing Diversity and Inclusion in the Tattoo Community”

The tattoo community often finds itself battling against stereotypes and prejudices. However, it’s time to embrace the true diversity and inclusivity that define it.  Every tattoo tells a unique story. From small symbolic images to large-scale artistic masterpieces, tattoos represent a wide range of styles, meanings, and cultures. Diversity is what makes the tattoo community […]

The Spiritual Tattoo

Amidst the shifting tides of trends and passions, the age-old art of tattooing emerges with ever greater radiance. What once merely adorned the body now transforms into a potent conduit of individual storytelling and profound connection. Every encounter between individual and tattoo master becomes a journey beyond the skin’s surface, a poetic translation of dreams, […]

Hygiene and Safety in Tattooing: Essential Guide for Enduring Health


Tattooing, a lasting form of skin art, requires special care to ensure a safe experience and optimal healing. In this guide, we’ll explore the importance of choosing a certified tattoo studio and maintaining an open-minded perspective when evaluating artists, regardless of their personal customs. Choosing a Tattoo Studio For a secure experience, tattoos should be […]

Is It Normal For a New Tattoo to Peel?

Whether you’re making a statement, doing the kind of crazy things love makes one do or just looking to connect deeply with some symbolic ritual, you certainly do have a valid reason to get inked. Getting inked is one thing, knowing the consequences of getting a tattoo is another. Many questions plague the minds of […]

Top 10 Most Popular Tattoo Design

Ever wondered what it would feel like to be a masterpiece? Do you imagine being a walking work of art? You just might want to get a tattoo. There are many tattoo arts out there that would give Da Vinci a run for his money. It is such a sight for sore eyes to either […]

5 Significant types of tattoo

As tempting as it is to say tattoos are the new trend, I would have to point out that tattoos are as old as the existence of mankind. Over centuries, men and women have etched symbols, diagrams, and writings on their skins to express their personalities or to provoke constant remembrance of things they hold […]

Asking a Tattoo Artist the Right Questions

Once you have chosen the tattoo artist of your preference. Choosing the professional tattoo studio comes next. Then you can ask all the questions you need answered before getting inked. Talk to him about your idea. He needs to understand your concept thoroughly. This way, he is more likely to execute the design the way […]

How to chose the right place for your tattoo

The placement of a tattoo on your body is important. Most of the time it is personal and is hidden from the public eye. Sometimes though, it is used for embellishment or simply to make a statement. Whatever it is, its placement in your body should be well thought of. It is a permanent addition […]

Getting Inked and 5 Reasons Why People Get One

Have you been thinking of getting a tattoo for some time now? You have done your research and have chosen a concept of the tattoo design you wanted. You even have decided which part of your body you want tattooed. Yet, you cannot find the courage to book an appointment with a tattoo artist. You […]

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