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Vitium is a new brand that deals with technical products for the practice of tattooing. Born from the meeting of two friends who are now deep in and passionate about this world.

We always go on a meticulous search for details that can help us find solutions to improve the practice of tattooing, giving the world of tattoo artists and tattooed people always avant-garde products without having competitors.

In today’s era where tattooing becomes a real means of artistic and social expression and communication, we need to improve the support tools that guarantee an optimal result.
And like all forms of art, the technique is fundamental so we design our products by studying all those small problems that arise during the tattoo process.

We design using raw materials of the highest level, taking into account the environmental impacts that characterize industrial practice.
So we focus on increasingly natural materials and design devoted to a sustainable lifestyle. We would like to point out that our products are all vegan and not tested on animals and are still carried out in the old way giving value to our tradition of Italian manufacturing.

In line with this thought, we wanted to avoid a basic style even if our style is minimalist, but we like to modify this aspect too, breaking the essential and basic rigor that almost all naturalistic companies have, giving an artistic, cultural character, strong, decisive and unmistakable.

We do not believe in compulsive buying, instead, we like to think that every item bought is carefully chosen and selected according to the specific needs of the consumer, as when choosing a tattoo to do on your body, according to a taste that is truly yours, accompanied by a true professional in the sector.

For us at Vitium they are like those atmospheres of unknown lights that only a few have been lucky enough to know.
What we take inspiration from are the plutonium blue colors of our energy, the refined Italian taste with local raw materials, and always sought-after fragrances and top-level technical effects that make our products the number 1 in the world

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